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We offer a wide range of mediation services including divorce, separation, family and civil disputes. Let us assist you in navigating your way through your dispute process as amiably and amicably as possible.




Mediation is a process whereby an independent facilitator (Mediator) assists disputants (those involved in conflict) to express their interests and work towards a mutually satisfying agreement. Mediation is utilized a great deal today in both family and civil matters. Rather than disputants engaging in a costly legal process many prefer to mediate giving them full control over the decision making process rather than having a decision imposed upon them.

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Separation & Divorce:

Kevin assists a variety of disputants in family matters as a family dispute resolution professional. At present, Kevin is the only family mediator on the BC family roster covering the Surrey/White Rock region. A large part of our family practice is in the area of separation and divorce. With the recent advent of the new family law act in British Columbia, disputants are encouraged to solve their family matters outside of court by utilizing the services of a family dispute resolution professional.

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Family Disputes:

Re:Solve Mediation can help with a broad range of disputes when it relates to family matters including family conflicts, wills, property, etc.

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Civil Disputes:

Re:Solve Mediation can help with an array of civil matters including including contract disputes, partnerships, neighbour disputes, etc.

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Family Enterprise Advising:

Re:Solve Meditation Services can assist family members in business environments to communicate efficiently, develop optimal relationship skills and handle business related conflicts effectively.

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Business Meeting Facilitation Services:

Facilitation is a process whereby a third party facilitator assists in the efficient running of meetings, conferences, and discussions. Facilitators are often employed in large group discussion in order to focus members in exploring interests, developing options, and building agreements.

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Conflict Coaching:

Conflict Coaching is a process whereby a coach assists an individual/s in conflict in developing tools and exploring ideas in order to feel comfortable and confident in tackling their own conflict or dispute.

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