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Separation? Divorce? In Conflict or Disagreement?  We Can Help...


Re:Solve Mediation Services in South Surrey BC is the affordable, time effective, private  and less stressful alternative for resolving conflicts. Resolution services include Separation and Divorce mediation, workplace disputes, civil & family disagreements and family enterprise conflict.  Our primary mission is to provide a professional, confidential, impartial and affordable method to Re:Solve issues that result in sustainable and amenable agreements.



Re:Solve Mediation is currently the only family mediator on the BC Family Roster covering Divorce Mediation in the Surrey, South Surrey and White Rock regions. We are conveniently located at 152nd Street and #10 Hwy in Panorama Ridge, just ten minutes from White Rock, BC and most areas of Surrey. We serve clients from all areas of the lower mainland.


At Re:Solve Mediation we offer free, personal, initial consultations in a comfortable and relaxed environment so that we may assess your situation and provide you with information and options as to how your situation may be resolved.





Considering Divorce in South Surrey? How Does Mediation Help?


A major part of our family practice is in the area of separation and divorce. With the recent advent of the new family law act in British Columbia, disputants are encouraged to solve their family matters outside of court by utilizing the services of a family dispute resolution professional.


Six Primary Benefits of Mediation Include:

  1. Confidentiality. Mediation occurs “behind closed doors” in a private setting whereas courtrooms are accessed by the public who are privy to your personal matters.
  2. Cost effective. Typically the parties retain one mediator whose focus is on assisting the parties in arriving at mutually agreeable decisions that they both consider fair and reasonable. Litigation typically involves two lawyers and can result in expensive drawn out court-based proceedings.
  3. Time efficient. Court-based procedures can take years to reach a final resolution. Mediations’ focus is on fully informing the parties and encouraging settlement and thus resolution can be achieved in a very short time-frame.
  4. Decision making capacity. In mediation the decision making ability remains solely in the hands of the parties. In court-based processors decisions can be imposed upon the parties by a judge.
  5. Relational maintenance. Often it is important to the separating parties to retain a good working relationship between each other. This is especially important when continuing to parent children. Mediation assists in this domain by having the parties work together to negotiate their decision-making and parenting arrangements.
  6. Flexibility. Often after separate initial consultations, the parties meet together with the mediator for joint meeting/s. However if the parties prefer, the mediator will continue to meet with each party separately in order to bring matters to resolution.


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Family businesses are vital to the prosperity of the Canadian communities of the future - ranging in size from two-person partnerships to Fortune 500 firms. These businesses generate about half of the nation's Gross National Product. Family businesses may also have some advantages over other business entities in their focus on the long term, their commitment to quality (which is often associated with the family name), and their care and concern for employees. But family businesses also face a unique set of management challenges stemming from the overlap of family and enterprise management issues, often leading to conflict and adversely affecting their profitability.


If you have a Family Business in conflict, mediation can help – if you have a successful Family Enterprise, consider our Family Business Mediation & Enterprise Conflict Coaching in Vancouver or South Surrey BC to ensure your success is retained and to help prevent minor family related relationship issues from becoming a serious business conflict.




Re:Solve Mediation Services will help you resolve your conflict or dispute in Vancouver, White Rock & Surrey BC

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