Mediation is the preferred method for resolving Divorce, Separation or Family & Civil Disputes in South Surrey & White Rock

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Mediation is the Preferred Method for Resolving Separation, Divorce and other Disputes in South Surrey

Mediation is a process whereby an independent facilitator (Mediator) assists disputants (those involved in conflict) to express their interests and work towards a mutually satisfying agreement. Mediation is utilized a great deal today in both family disputes and civil matters. Rather than disputants engaging in a costly legal process many prefer to mediate giving them full control over the decision making process rather than having a decision imposed upon them.


Mediation = Effective


  • Mediation resolves issues in over 90% of civil, family and workplace disputes
  • Mediation can offer unique solutions that may not be obtainable through the courts
  • Mediation can assist in the maintenance of ongoing relationships
  • Mediation maintains your privacy - what happens at the mediation table stays at the mediation table - no one else is privy to your conflict


Mediation = Affordable

  • Usually the cost of mediation will be significantly less than the cost of going to court.
  • On average mediation fees are less than $1,500 for civil and workplace issues and approximately $3,000 for family situations like separation or divorce. Fees are typically divided equally between the parties.
  • On the other side, average legal fees for litigation with a two day trial are $49,888 for civil cases and $39,990 for family cases.
  • Mediation costs are affected by how many people are involved, how complicated the case is, and other determining factors.


Mediation = Timely

  • Mediation sessions generally take 2 hours (one hour for individual sessions).
  • Disputes may get resolved in 1 or more sessions, depending on how complicated the issues are, the availability of the people involved and other determining factors.
  • Mediation is typically much faster than going to court.
  • Even court cases which included mediation resolved about 5 months faster than those which did not include mediation.
  • A faster resolution period means less stress to the people involved.


Mediation = Accessible

  • No matter where you are, as long as you have a phone or Internet connection, mediators can assist you. Thanks to today's technology, mediation can be done using telephone or web-conferencing services for people in disputes who live far away from one another.


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